In honor of National Cancer Survivors Day and the birthday of our namesake, Korey Rose, we invite you to learn more about Korey and his zest for life.

Today, on what would have been Korey’s 35th birthday, we celebrate his gregarious and boisterous personality, wit, gentle heart, and love for his family. As his father says, “Korey was a shoulder to lean on with a heart to encourage, always thinking of others.”

Learn more about Korey through the eyes of his grateful father when interviewed by Camp Korey’s Chief Program Officer about why he chose to create a camp in his son’s memory.

Enjoy Matty’s one-on-one conversation with Korey’s father, Tim.

Happy Birthday, Korey! We remember your kindness, your outgoing personality, your respectful nature, and your enthusiasm for life.  We are grateful to you because together, WE ARE CAMP K.O.R.E.Y!