It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week and for us here at Camp Korey, that includes giving thanks to the people who help us GROW!

This heartfelt thank you is for our board of directors for your dedication and perseverance. Your time, energy, and passion in advancing the Camp Korey mission has now impacted the lives of over 35,000 campers and their families! In thanks to you, our Camp spirit continues to spark imagination and explore new adventures.

A warm Camp Korey shoutout to Tim Rose, Chris McReynolds, Sue Colbourne, Michele King, Claudia Campanile, Jim Rose, Damon Elder, Patrick Kane, Andy Fry, Jennifer Harnish, Ali Moayeri, Kimberly Stone, M.D., and Craig Wilson.  You keep the campfire burning bright!

We asked different members of our Camp Korey team to share in our appreciation for the board’s efforts.

“What makes this board special to Camp Korey is their exemplary leadership and dedication.”

“On my very first day here at Camp Korey I received a welcoming phone message from a board member who instantly made me feel part of the Camp Korey family! The dedication to the mission and vision has been seen, felt, and experienced in big and small ways every day since then. Thank you to every single board member for your behind-the-scenes dedication to creating camp magic.”

“We know they are busy, and each have their own full plates. The fact that the Camp Korey board makes time for guidance and assistance allows us to develop partnerships and plans that will produce even better outcomes for the organization in the years to come. Thank you!”

We appreciate the collective efforts of our board and benefit from their expertise, leadership, compassion, and generosity.

We thank them for enriching the lives of the children and families we serve through camp programs that nourish the mind, body, spirit, and heart. Their impact is incredible: a community dedicated to bringing a healthy dose of camp fun!

Here’s to growing into many more years of fun!