Autumn brings us plenty of changes each year. The leaves fade to yellow and orange, the temperature drops, and for us here in the Pacific Northwest, the rain moves in. Autumn also brings us closer to our families, with celebrations like Fall Festivals and Thanksgiving bringing us together.  It’s a chance to slow down a bit, and reconnect with our families after the hustle and bustle of summer.
Childhood goes by so fast, and like the changing of seasons, each part is unique, never the same as before. From infant to toddler, child to teen, we see growth, change, and transformation. It’s important to not let everything fly by, to slow down and enjoy the delights of childhood. The discovery and adventure, the wonder and amazement, everything that makes childhood unique.
Our Family Weekends give our campers and their families the chance to unwind and slow down for one weekend, and focus on what matters most, being together. For a time, each member can let go of their worries, and simply enjoy the adventures of camp. Our Family Weekends help families reclaim the joys of life, reclaim the laughter and adventure, together. It’s not a time that focuses on just the camper, or sibling or parent; instead it focuses on the family as one.
I hope that everyone is able to enjoy this beautiful time of year connecting and creating life lasting memories with their loved ones.
~Hillary Carey, Executive Director