by guest writer Dan Lewis, Board Member & Retired News Anchor

Who would have imagined that a camp could be established in Western Washington to serve thousands of children with serious medical conditions?
Tim Rose did!
 Who would have imagined that this camp could be enjoyed on the beautiful 818 acre site in Carnation, Washington that was once home to Carnation Farms?
Tim Rose did!
And who would have imagined that this camp, that lets thousands of children forget their worries and just be kids and even ‘raise a little hell, would be provided 100% free of charge to their families?
Tim Rose did!

korey rose

Korey Rose

Now that Camp Korey is well established, with a remarkable team on site and thousands of dedicated volunteers, Tim Rose is ready to take on a new role. He will be handing over the mantel of leadership as Chairman of the Board of Directors but will stay on as a very involved member of the board. Camp Korey was born deep in Tim’s heart in 2005 to honor the courage and strength of children living with serious medical conditions after his son Korey Rose lost his battle with cancer at age 18.
Tim Rose and Paul Newman at Camp Korey, 2008.

Tim Rose and Paul Newman at Camp Korey, 2008.

Camp Korey is a member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network established in 1988 by philanthropist Paul Newman. Tim fondly remembers the night he asked Paul if he would help establish a camp to honor Korey. The two men hugged and that was the beginning of a wonderful journey. Newman’s daughter Clea, who’s become deeply involved in the SeriousFun Camps since her dad died says, “Tim’s leadership has been extraordinary.”
Tim’s devotion to his son Korey’s legacy is also extraordinary. Tim says, “I know Korey would be very proud, very happy about our camp. I know that every day he is up there smiling and looking down at this wonderful camp.”
Tim will always be a major part of Camp Korey. His love for the camp is permanent, just like the Camp Korey logo that is tattooed on his arm.  Tim says, “I will always cherish the memories, laughter, joy and satisfaction of knowing that we are changing the lives of thousands of children, their families, staff and volunteers, that make Camp Korey the real happiest place on earth.”
Tim not only looks forward to continued involvement as a member of the board, but he just might have more time to be at the camp for the weekly food fights, stage night performances and watching campers tackle the ropes course, laughing as they glide down the zip line, one of only a few in the country that are universally accessible.
Camp Korey’s CEO Hillary Carey, who’s been with the camp since the start says, “Tim’s visionary leadership has fueled our camp for the past 11 years. His passion has cleared hurdles that would have been seen as impossible by anyone else. His unwavering commitment to our mission has brought joy and healing to well over 15,000 children. As we pause to reflect with awe and gratitude for all that he has accomplished as Founder and Chairman, we are excited to accomplish even more with him going forward.”
There is much to celebrate over the years at Camp Korey under Tim’s leadership. The annual dinner and auction Grow highlighted by entertainment provided by campers, had its best year in 2015 raising $1.7 million. This year, for the first time two Prescription Laughter Luncheons will be hosted to benefit Camp Korey. Adding to the annual event in Bellevue, hosted by KOMO Weather Anchor and Camp supporter Steve Pool, a luncheon will be held in Seattle, hosted by retired KOMO News Anchor and board member Dan Lewis. The Seattle community is embracing this opportunity and that strong support is certainly appreciated.
When it comes to fundraising, Tim has been a tremendous leader for Camp Korey. “Tim is a tireless advocate who leads by example with his philanthropy,” said Camp Korey Chief Advancement Officer Kelly Brackett. “His passionate dedication to our mission has inspired countless community leaders, volunteers and supporters to join together to serve Camp Korey’s campers and their families.”
Grow 2014

Grow 2015

Always looking to the future, Camp Korey realizes the need to do more is great, with 84,000 children in the Pacific Northwest who could benefit from the services provided by the camp at no cost to their families. Hillary Carey says, “The children and families who attend Camp Korey relentlessly inspire us to push harder, to do more, and to be better; Tim Rose has done the same for our organization. As we enter into the next exciting chapter of Camp Korey’s development we will continue to uphold the values that Tim established; growth, excellence, and sustainability. We feel honored to carry forth not only the legacy of Korey Rose, but now the legacy of Tim.”
Plans are underway for an interim Chairman, while an extensive search is being launched for a new President.  The new Board President will join a team of dedicated board members, staff, supporters and volunteers, all ready to help camp grow stronger and offer expanded services in the coming years.
When children were asked to describe their experience at Camp Korey in one word they said “freedom,” “awesome,” “joyful” and “magical.” Camper Cassidy Huff wanted to sum it up in more than one word and said, “Thank you! You have changed my life. You can’t even imagine how much you have changed my life.”
Who would have imagined all this?
Tim Rose did!

In 2014 SeriousFun honored Tim Rose, watch the video to learn more about Tim’s legacy.