We are excited to share that our 2019 camp theme is “Together we are Camp.”

Last year, our theme, “I am Camp Korey,” focused on how each of us has a piece of Camp Korey within ourselves. This year, we are focusing on the community we have built and how we make this experience better together.

There is a certain magic that exists at Camp and is only there because of the people who have come together to make it possible.

It started with Korey Rose, a vivacious teen who lost his battle with bone cancer at age eighteen. His father, Tim Rose, founded Camp Korey to honor Korey’s memory and create a safe haven for other families dealing with childhood illness. In 2012 Camp Korey became an official member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network, and our community and support grew even more. It continues today with every camper, parent, guardian, doctor, nurse, donor, and volunteer who passes through our gate.

Camp Korey is made up of thousands of little moments and just as many impactful people. Together we are all Camp Korey.

“I have heard it said, that you can leave camp, but camp never really leaves you.” -Paul Newman

Together We Are Camp design is courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch – thank you for your partnership as the SeriousFun Children’s Network official apparel sponsor!