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Apply for 2020 BLOCK Program! Download Medical Provider Form Summer Camp Application Checklist
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What is BLOCK (Building Leaders Out of Camp Korey)?

BLOCK is for former campers ages 16-18 years old who are interested in continuing with Camp Korey programs. Campers who are 16 can choose between participating in camp as a camper or move onto the BLOCK program. Campers who are 17 & 18 can only participate in the BLOCK program.

BLOCK Year 1: BLOCK Year 1 is for campers who are 16-18 years old who are looking for the opportunity to participate in an alumni camper program which helps to enhance their skill development in areas that are important for future success, such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and decision making skills. The BLOCK Year 1 program will be a mixture of programming focused on giving back to Camp Korey, working with younger campers, and traditional camp fun. In 2020, BLOCK Year 1 will be offered during Summer Camp Sessions 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8. BLOCK Campers who have not completed their first year of BLOCK will only be able to apply for BLOCK Year 1 sessions.

BLOCK Year 2
: BLOCK year 2 is for campers who have completed a year of the BLOCK program. A continuation of year 1, the BLOCK program focuses on goal setting for the future, life skills development, leadership skills outside of camp, self-efficacy, and confidence building. This program will include activities focused on assisting/leading camp programs, leadership skill building, and traditional camp fun. In 2020, BLOCK Year 2 will be offered Session 3 and Session 7.

June 28-July 2: Session 2- BLOCK YEAR 1

July 5-9: Session 3- BLOCK YEAR 2

July 12-16: Session 4- BLOCK YEAR 1

July 19-23: Session 5- BLOCK YEAR 1

July 26-30: Session 6- BLOCK YEAR 1

Aug 2-6: Session 7- BLOCK YEAR 2

Aug 9-13: Session 8- BLOCK YEAR 1

All BLOCK participants must meet these requirements to be eligible for the BLOCK program.


  • All BLOCK Program applicants must be 16-18 years old.
  • Applicants should have a qualifying medical diagnosis or be the sibling of a Camp Korey camper. Applicants who have attended a Camp Korey program in previous years must be in good standing.
  • Campers in the BLOCK program must have a minimum developmental age of 10 years or older.
  • Applicants must complete a full camper application and be medically approved by Camp Korey’s Nursing Director. If the applicant requires 1:1 medical and/or personal care, he or she may be required to provide his/her own caregiver.
  • All BLOCK participants are considered campers and must adhere to all Camp Korey policies, procedures, and rules. If a BLOCK camper is unable to adhere to these rules they will be removed from BLOCK programming

In the event that your child has a medical or behavioral issue and needs to be sent home or to the hospital, the parent/guardian must be prepared to travel to Mount Vernon to resume supervision and medical decision making. For participants who are 18 years old, Camp Korey will contact their legal guardian or emergency contact.

BLOCK Year 1 and Year 2 participants must complete the application as follows:

BLOCK Year 1 and 2 Application Process:

  • Complete full camper application including all required forms and medical documents.
  • Camper will be required to respond to multiple short answer questions included on our Campsite application.
  • A reference will be required for all applicants.
  • Camper will be required to complete a short interview with a CK staff member

Beth Faller – Camper Coordinator
Amanda Doell – Child Life Specialist

Apply for 2020 BLOCK Program! Download Medical Provider Form Summer Camp Application Checklist


We will begin accepting applications after January 3rd, 2019. Once we have received the application, candidates will be contacted by Camp Korey to set up a phone interview.  Our goal is to have made all program acceptance decisions by May, 2019.