Building Leaders Out of Camp Korey

Camp Korey understands the valuable experience that our B.L.O.C.K. Program offers to teen campers! This program will focus on leadership, skill-based learning projects, and specific B.L.O.C.K.  programming (give-back projects, job shadowing, and more) for campers ages 16 & 17 years old.

The BLOCK Program will run during 2 sessions this summer. The dates range between July 24 – August 4. Once we receive their application, our Admissions Team will work quickly to determine eligibility and schedule interviews. If accepted, BLOCK leaders will be assigned one summer camp session to attend. Please keep in mind- BLOCK leaders will NOT be attending their own session (serving their primary diagnosis). Our BLOCK leaders are invited to come to camp by themselves, not in a family pod. For questions about our COVID practices and policies, or how else we plan on keeping your child safe at camp, please email

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All BLOCK participants must meet these requirements to be eligible for the program.

  • Campers must have an eligible primary diagnosis
  • Campers are ages 16 or 17 years old
  • Campers may not have a recent history of aggression toward others or self
    • No indication of aggression that has led to physical restraint in the last year
    • No aggressive behavior toward adults or peers in the last year
  • There must be no indication of self-harm, suicidal ideation, or any suicide attempts in the past year
  • Campers may not be considered if they are a 1:1 psychosocially
  • No recent history of wandering or elopement
  • Children must be socially, physically, and emotionally open and able to participate in group activities, communal living, the camp environment, and willing to participate in BLOCK leadership programming.
  • All BLOCK participants are considered campers and must adhere to all Camp Korey policies, procedures, and rules. If a BLOCK camper is unable to adhere to these rules, they will be removed from BLOCK programming.

As always, all our programs with Camp Korey are at no cost to the family. To register, or ask a question about our programs, please reach out to our Admissions Team at or call 360-416-4113.

Camp Korey uses the software “CampSite” to make the application process easier for campers and families. (For questions about CampSite’s privacy and security, please visit this link.) All necessary forms and information can be accessed and edited by creating an account for your family.

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Safety First! Camp Korey’s COVID-19 Commitment

The Camp Korey Medical Team continues to monitor both state and local orders regarding COVID-19. The safety of our community is our #1 priority. Keeping Camp Korey safe will require your commitment to safety measures. This includes always wearing your mask, social distancing, participating in proactive health screenings, and following our sanitization/cleaning protocols before, during, and after each program. Please be aware that camp offerings are contingent on several factors and camp programming could be cancelled at any time.

Resources for Alumni (18+):

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