Our new Korey Connections program is an opportunity for campers to re-connect and chat with our wonderful summer camp counselors. We know how much these incredible individuals make a difference during the summer – and we want to continue that support throughout the year!

To learn more about Korey Connections, please read the program descriptions below, and complete your registration by clicking here! Please note: the deadline to register for this program is October 8th.


What is the Pen Pal Program?

  • Korey Connections is a way for campers to keep in touch with their summer staff counselors! It is completely FREE to participate, and campers are able to correspond with a summer counselor or family pal during this fall. Through this program, we hope to continue spreading the love and happiness associated with Camp Korey and further the sense of community to which our campers and counselors belong. Our hopeful outcome is that all participants will continue to feel the support and strength that Camp Korey brings during the summer.


  • Campers will need to fill out a contact form with parent/guardian permission before sending their first letter. This is so we know who to expect letters from, and to keep everyone safe and happy!
  • The current duration of the Pen Pal Program is October through December.
  • All communication will be monitored by the Volunteer and Camper Coordinators. This means that all emails or letters will need to be sent to the above-mentioned staff first before they can be passed on to the intended recipient.
  • Camp Korey will be able to support 40 camper pen pals at this time but may be able to add more if needed.

The way it works:

  • Parents will be asked to sign up by completing a short survey. Once they have completed the survey, they will receive a communication pairing their camper up with a pen pal. During this survey campers will be asked to identify 3 to 5 summer staff/volunteers that they would like to communicate with.
  • If campers are new or don’t remember names of counselors, that is okay.  We can reach out to specific people we think would be a good fit.
  • Applicants can also choose how they’d like to connect (digital versus hand-written mail).


Arranging a Video Chat

  • We are looking to connect our campers with their favorite summer staff/volunteers to help combat social isolation and raise spirits through these trying times. By arranging a Video Chat between staff and campers, we will continue to build the community of love and support that is started during our programming and carry it on throughout the year.


  • Camp Korey will only be hosting 20 meetings in total at this time but may add more to the schedule if needed.
  • The duration of this program is October through November.
  • Video Chat between staff and campers will be scheduled for one hour.
  • Campers can invite 1 to 2 friends to join them on the call. All participants must have written permission by parents and will need to notify the Camper Coordinator in advance.

We look forward to continuing the connections that are formed during camp each year through this exciting new opportunity. Please be sure to reach out to us with any questions or concerns!