Join in our first ever Secret Fuzzy Exchange! This is a fun way to build up another camper with a special warm fuzzy gift and connect with our Camp Korey community around the magic of camp. The Secret Fuzzy Exchange is open to current campers and their families, alumni, and prospective campers!

Any questions? Email

Step by Step Guide:

1. By December 4th: Fill out the signup form – Signups are now closed. Check your email for your Secret Fuzzy assignment!

2. On December 7th: You will receive another camper’s information which you can use to create a secret fuzzy gift that is tailored to them.

3. December 7th-16th: Assemble a small gift ($20 or less) and mail it directly to Camp Korey.

4. December 18th: Camp Korey will send out a small care package to all Secret Fuzzy Exchange participants that includes some fun CK swag and the secret fuzzy gift put together for that specific camper/family.

5. Wait for the mail to come with your secret fuzzy gift that will hopefully bring you joy, laughter, and lift your spirits that was designed with YOU in mind!

*Cost involved will be shipping to Camp Korey and cost of the gift if you choose to purchase something. $20 maximum on purchasing gifts.