Keep the Campfire Glowing and GROWing

  When we originally envisioned this year’s event, we had never heard of COVID-19. We were inspired and delighted to help plan an elegant event with wine, dinner, storytelling and […]

Finding a Support System

Hi, I am Cass! Let me tell you about my story. I was born with a very rare condition called Conradi Hunermann Syndrome. Conradi Hunermann is a type of dwarfism […]

The Principals of Golf

How the Game of Golf and Camp Korey help children foster a positive, growth mindset What is growth mindset? Well, it is the belief you can get better with practice. […]

The Healing Power of Camp

A Born Fighter Lexi is a born fighter diagnosed with Auricular Condylar Syndrome, a genetic craniofacial condition that significantly impacted the formation of her jaw. “The anatomical abnormality of her […]

Creating Camp Magic

A Born Creator & Entertainer JJ made his bold entry into the world with a skip in his step, and in his case, a skip in his heartbeat. Born prematurely […]

Camper Jadon: Destination . . . Forward.

Camp is Never Far from You Camp has a way of touching your heart, coursing through your veins making you eager for more. Jadon’s camp story starts in 2012, the […]