Hey Camp Korey, How you Feeling!? We feel SO GOOD and so happy to be welcoming back our leadership program for our oldest camper’s THIS SUMMER! BLOCK is a program for campers 16-18 years old who are seeking opportunities to step outside of their comfort zone.

You may ask what happens when a camper ages out of traditional Camp Korey programming? Go ahead – ask – we are waiting! Many of our campers look forward to this day because it means they can finally apply for our BLOCK program. BLOCK stands for “Building Leaders out of Camp Korey.” This program has been called many things including CIT (camper in training), LIT (leader in training), and finally BLOCK. All of these programs are created with the intention of providing more life changing experiences for our campers and of course with having some fun in mind!

This program was originally formed to encourage campers to become leaders within the Camp Korey organization. But, as we have grown, we have seen the many benefits of providing our teen campers with the opportunity to explore becoming leaders both within and outside of Camp Korey. We want our campers to see how they can lead within their own communities. Through BLOCK, teens will learn more about themselves, gain self-confidence and create lasting memories. This is all done while continuing to experience the magic that is the Camp Korey community. We will do this through a program focused on leadership, connection, goal setting, and what it means to be part of the Camp Korey family.

BLOCK is different from traditional Camp Korey programming but will feature some of the same great traditions such as singing Stars in the Sky, sending Warm Fuzzies, and getting super messy during Silly-O. The key difference is that this program will be focused on leadership and giving back. The BLOCK program is competitive and can be demanding; there is a level of independence and maturity that is required for this program. Campers are required to complete an application, provide a reference, and complete an interview before being accepted into the program. We ask campers to be vulnerable and spend time reflecting on individualism and their own strength. Campers will participate in programs focused on growth mindset, servant leadership, mentorship opportunities, and giving back to Camp Korey.

As our BLOCK program grows, we hope to continue supporting it by providing BLOCK participants with additional leadership opportunities at Camp Korey throughout the year. We look forward to continuing growing this program and welcoming back all of our campers in summer 2019!

To learn more about the Camp Korey BLOCK Program or to apply, visit the Camp Korey BLOCK Page

Warm Fuzzies!

Camp Korey Program Staff