We believe in sprinkling kindness like confetti.

Little extra gestures of kindness do not cost a thing, but they can mean everything. Something as simple as a smile and a kind word can do a world of wonder. World Kindness Day is celebrated every November 13th! It’s a day dedicated to promoting good acts and creating positive impacts within communities.  People give back whether through community service, random acts of kindness or making donations – like to Camp!

Where Did World Kindness Day Begin?

The day was created in 1998 by a group of nations to promote community-based projects across their countries. The concept of the day gained more attention and as of 2016 has inspired more than 30 member nations that promote and celebrate World Kindness Day.

How Can You Celebrate This Day in Your Community?

Since the day was created to recognize kindness within a community, start by asking what you can do to make where you live a better place! Volunteer for Camp Korey! Make friendship bracelets or paint rocks. Do you like making greeting cards? – we’re in need of warm fuzzy cards! Maybe you want to learn how to sew – give sewing a pillowcase or warm fuzzy a try! Check out our at-home volunteer projects here: https://www.campkorey.org/volunteer/.

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate World Kindness Day, know that you are positively impacting your community and making a difference that will not only make you feel good, but will make others feel good, too!  After all, giving is self-care.

As we roll into the giving season, our friends at Ticketty Boo Hot Chocolate have partnered with Camp Korey and starting November 27th for every purchase of their yummy Love You S’mores hot chocolate bundle, a second bundle will be gifted to a Camp Korey camper! That’s the power of a community coming together and sprinkling kindness.