G’day Camp Korey friends!!! My name is Aussie and I am the Camp Korey Facility Dog!
I love being a part of the Camp Korey family! When there are no campers or families here, I usually hang out at my human Linda’s office, but you can also often find me running the hills of camp with my friends, searching for imaginary balls under bushes, and greeting visitors that come to the Main Office!
The real fun begins when camp is in session! That’s when I’m in the zone. I love to hang out with campers and families as a Certified Service Dog. Sometimes, I meet campers who are scared of dogs, but then they get used to me and they can’t stop petting me – I call that a SUCCESS! Being at camp reminds me that humans and animals can share a beautiful bond that can lead to many smiles and laughs…and belly rubs!
Camp Korey embraces the healing and comfort offered by our fuzzy friends through our Pet Therapy program. Campers are greeted during arrival by a variety of trained therapy dogs, llamas, and even ponies! Sometimes, when campers are feeling stressed during their stay at camp, they can even request a special visit from me to help!
Check out this photo of me and some of my camper friends lounging around by the Camp Korey garden – what a great life!
There are many other animals that visit Camp Korey to participate in our Pet Therapy program! Our Pet Therapy visitors are fully qualified to guide their pets and their campers through a fun and relaxing encounter. These teams are also well-versed in maintaining safe experiences so that everyone can sit back and enjoy a good ol’ belly rub! How great is that?! And not only do we get doggy visitors, but campers all have a chance to test their horseback riding skills! Also, next time you’re on camp, you may even spot a llama…
All in all, it is safe to say that our Pet Therapy program holds a very special place at our camp and in our hearts.
At Camp Korey, we value the therapeutic benefits of having a pet, and embrace the research that has shown that pets can make a positive impact in the office, as well. My puppy buddies at camp are part of our Camp Korey family, and are invited to work with their humans outside of the camp season. Enjoy browsing through my scrapbook to meet ALL my fuzzy friends, the wonderful pets that are companions to our staff!
This is Turnip and Beets! Turnip is just 10 months old. He likes to hide his chewies and toys behind the couch, to bark at his reflection in the window, and to chew on things he is not supposed to (don’t we all like to do this?). Beets is 2.5 years old. He spends most of his time wrestling with his dad and Turnip, sleeping in mom’s lap, and taking Turnip’s chewies when Turnip isn’t looking!
asterI would like to introduce you to the fabulous SweetPea McGee, also known as Aster the Garden Cat. She is about 8 months old. Her favorite toy is called MinnySnake and she sleeps and plays with it all the time. I once asked SweetPea if she could be any superhero, who she would be. SweetPea answered “Superwoman” … which I think is a very fitting name for her anyways!
Gracie is 5 years old. She is a 100# rescue mutt that was taken from her litter at birth and never learned h
ow to be a dog! She sits on mommy’s lap, sitting up like on the floor, to be at eye level with mommy’s son. She talks a lot and is VERY sassy! Gracie would be a brainy superhero behind the scenes because she is afraid of everything but SO smart; she is a reasoning problem solver.
Untitled-6Here are Loki (left, 5 years old) and Dottie (right, 7 years old). Loki loves to lick! He licks his human friends’ faces and big sister Dottie’s ears all the time! He also likes to eat ice cubes, snuggle, and jump as high as possible! His childhood nickname is Squishy. He is also a world traveler, as he’s been to Denmark, England, and France! Dottie is 7 years old. She likes to get scratches from her human friends, to snore while she sleeps, and to chase her other roommate, Evie the Cat! Her favorite foods are cheesy popcorn and Cheetos. She is originally from Colorado. Both Loki and Dottie were in their humans’ wedding last year, and Loki even wore a handmade doggie tux-vest and bowtie! If these two Terriers could have some special powers, Loki would be Iron Man and Dottie would be Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter. Terrier power!!!
Here is Evie, and she is 9 years old. She loves to lay in the sun, look out the window, and hide in paper bags! She loves Salmon, yummmmm. Evie is from Ohio! She was rescued when she was very young and fostered at a local art gallery until she was old enough to come home with her momma! If Evie could be any superhero, she said she’d be the Black Widow.
Untitled-8Here are sisters Starbuck and Nina. They are both 2 years old! Starbuck, named after a character in Battlestar Galactica, likes to ride on the shoulders of humans. She also loves frozen grapes! In all actuality, and if given the chance, Starbuck would like to be Thor. Nina likes to eat, explore, sneak up on humans, and wrestle with her sister. She is not a huge fan of frozen grapes, but can’t resist frozen blueberries! Nina is named after the singer/activist Nina Simone, although she feels she more closely resembles Ninja Turtle Leonardo.
Everyone – meet adorable Sawyer! He is 10 years old. He loves to sleep and lay by the heater. He likes chasing hair ties. His favorite foods are his nuggets. In fact, if Sawyer was a superhero, he’d be a super nugget and his power would be able to disappear in an instant! That’s one yummy nugget!
Mister Rogers is 10 years old. He loves walks, sittig in laps, and sniffing the dirt. He recently acquired his first piece of clothing, a raincoat! He exclaimed when he received the coat, “Thanks for noticing me! I don’t like the rain!” He would be Eeyore if Eeyore was a superhero.
This is Lucy. She is 5 years old as of this March, which means she’s a Pisces! Currently, Lucy’s age in people years is how old her human momma is now. Isn’t that neat? Lucy loves swimming and fetching and just being a cool dog!
Beau is a 7 year old Aussie doodle. His favorite food is cheese—Tillamook Medium Cheddar! His favorite
activity is to take long walks. If Beau could be a superhero, he would have to be Superman: he is always trying to save the day…even when no one asks him to!
Here are the newest puppies of the Camp Korey family – Mumford (right) and Tilly (left)! They are also best friends. Mumford is an F1 Golden Doodle and is just 6 months old. This puppy loves bully sticks, blueberries, carrots, and playing with Tilly. If Mumford could be any superhero or action star, he would definitely be Chewbacca from Star Wars. Do you notice the resemblance? Tilly is an 8 month old Brittany. She is fluent in 7 languages of Dog, has choreographed her own “feed me” dance, and loves to entertain kids for hours. Tilly is a superhero already, but if she wasn’t, she would be like the little kid on The Incredibles that can run really fast!
Here are 8 year old siblings Daisy and Dakota! Daisy is the yellow lab and Dakota is the black lab. They have been a part of their human family since they were only 8 weeks old! Daisy has a very sweet personality, is very obedient, and loves to play fetch for hours! In fact, if she could have a super power, it would be to gather all of the balls in the universe and to distribute them to all of her doggie friends for a big game of fetch! Dakota loves attention and needs a lot of it all the time. He loves to catch snakes and to carry them around the yard while they are wrapping around his nose. His superpower would be to play with all of the snakes in the whole world!
Sadie is 13 years young! She is a field-bred hunting dog, which means she howls at every furry critter imaginable – she never hurts them though. In fact, one time, Sadie’s howl led her humans to track down and rescue an injured squirrel! If Sadie could be any superhero, she’d be the underdog! You go, Sadie!
Here is Mad-Eye Moody, or Maddie, for short. She is seven years old. She thinks it’s pretty interesting that she only has one eye. In fact, if she could have any superpower, she’d want to shoot laser beams out of her eye! That sounds awesome!
Meet Rex the Rabbit! He will be 2 years old in May. He loves to chew on things he shouldn’t be chewing. He also loves bananas and grapes, just like Tarzan! When Rex is happy, he clicks his heels in the air! When Rex is not in the best mood, he often gives folks a glare that could turn someone to ice on a hot day in July!
Meet Starburst, Clover, and Gingersnap—three sister hens that are just about 1 year old. They enjoy eating worms, cheese, and strawberries. Starburst is casually curious; Clover is markedly motherly; Gingersnap is super snappy! They have the most fun when they are squirming and fluffing around in the dirt, finding secret nesting areas, pecking at shoelaces, being the guard-hens for their humans’ home, sending telepathic messages to their neighbor Sweetpea and housemate Mumford, and fighting off coyotes. In fact, they are wizards, and their novel superpower is putting coyotes in a hypnotic trance whenever those pups get a little too close to the hens’ coop!
This is Border and he is 7 years old! He got his name Border because his humans have some property on the Canadian border on Border Road in Eastern Washington! Border likes kids and birthday parties. If he was a super hero, Border would definitely be a back-up alarm: when he is in the back of his human’s truck and they are reversing, Border barks and barks until they go forward again! We think it must tickle his tummy or something.
Meow is about 6-7 years old. Her name is actually Mèo, which is the Vietnamese word for “cat,” but pronounced very similarly. She hails from Hanoi, Vietnam. She is an international Meo of Mystery and has lived in three countries and three US states! She has a passport (it says her name is Maggie. That was her first name, after Maggie the Cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof). Her nicknames include: Meowz (most popular) Meowzers, Meowz-Bedouz, Jouzer, Meow-meow, Little Tiger. She loves Whiskas cat food and will not tolerate any of that fancy organic food. She has a broken tail, which her vet in Vietnam said she was born with and means she is intelligent.When asked what superhero she would be, she said she would be the Great Meowztini and her superpower would be sensing when her humans are about to get up from the couch so she can immediately sit in their place. She can be in a whole different room, and like magic – she appears in their spot! She also knows when her humans are coming up the stairs to their apartment.