The Adventure of a Lifetime

Insecurity  The reality is some people see my differences before they see “me.” I was born with a Craniofacial Disorder called “Hemifacial Microsomia.” Those are two big words, but in […]

A Heart in Full Bloom

The Numbers Eleven-year-old Camper Eddie and his family appreciate math. Numbers like 11, 1, 8 and 2,920 mean more since 2012.  January 2012, eight years ago, is when Eddie’s life […]

The Journey to Finding One’s True Self 

The Journey Begins It was Summer 2009. Fourteen-year-old Bri packed her belongings and jumped in the car with her grandparents on what would be the greatest adventure of her young […]

Mind Over Matter: Mindfulness Activity

Mindfulness Matters. Your mind is incredibly powerful. So are your emotions. The human mind is capable of great extremes leaving you feeling like you just rode a roller coaster. But, […]

Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Dear Camp Korey Community,‍We all have been seeing the news about the challenges we are facing with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Many communications feel similar, yet all express the same […]