Imagine: A Special Place

“Looking out of our window at Seattle Children’s Hospital, we found ourselves thinking about what people were discovering, exploring, and learning as Korey lay in bed receiving another round of […]

The Candle Continues to Glow

34 years ago our Camp Korey story started, though we didn’t know it yet. For 18 years the words of our story would fill the pages one by one until […]

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Insecurity  The reality is some people see my differences before they see “me.” I was born with a Craniofacial Disorder called “Hemifacial Microsomia.” Those are two big words, but in […]

A Heart in Full Bloom

The Numbers Eleven-year-old Camper Eddie and his family appreciate math. Numbers like 11, 1, 8 and 2,920 mean more since 2012.  January 2012, eight years ago, is when Eddie’s life […]

The Journey to Finding One’s True Self 

The Journey Begins It was Summer 2009. Fourteen-year-old Bri packed her belongings and jumped in the car with her grandparents on what would be the greatest adventure of her young […]