Meet Matt Hipps – Team Korey Athlete

Matt Hipps, from Madison Park, watched Camp Korey board member and Team Korey athlete Chris McReynolds train for the 2013 New York City Marathon. Sitting inside his house, Matt would […]

Be Part of the Culinary Dream Team

As a Culinary Dream Team member, you work behind the scenes, creating healthy and nutritious meals for our campers. Under the guidance of Executive Chef Tana Mielke, you will slice and dice […]

Drummer Chad Smith

Chad Smith will be performing live with Camp Korey campers at the 2014 Grow event!  Visit our Grow event site to learn more. Chad Smith began playing drums at the age of […]

A Recipe from the Camp Korey Garden

About the Snow Pea by Gardener Rosy Smit The veggie of the Month at Camp Korey is Snow Peas! These sweet treats are easy to grow. The bright green peas are […]