In honor of our 10 year anniversary we will be showcasing #CampSpirit all summer, and if you haven’t checked out your social media feed yet, please do so! We kicked-off the start of summer with a special camp cheer and challenge. Summer camp is so much more than joyful adventures, it provides endless opportunities for growth and healing…building confidence, character and resiliency in our campers.
“In the beginning I was super shy, didn’t say much and was really nervous. By the end of the week I was talking to everyone and dancing in groups! I tried zip lining, and now I feel almost invincible, like I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Camp Korey is a place where I could be “normal” for a week and not have to worry about being judged!” – Camper
So, how can you help? You can help get your community talking about the powerful impact of camp by participating in our #CampSpirit challenge. 

  • Show your #CampSpirit by posting your own video, photo, artwork, poem, anything you want! Involve your families, friends and co-workers. Unleash your inner camper and be creative!
  • Talk to your employer about hosting a ‘camp centric’ luncheon for staff, create your own wish flags or even have a casual for campers day.
  • Tag @CampKorey in your post and include the #CampSpirit. Help other’s understand the true impact of camp (Summer camp is so much more than just joyful adventures—it empowers kids of all ages, and builds confidence, self-esteem, character and resiliency!)
  • Challenge your friends and family online “Hey, I have #CampSpirit, how ’bout you!”

Get a peek of our #CampSpirit video below, and remember to visit @CampKorey on Facebook and Twitter to share our video! Our challenge is making rounds, with videos from the Painted Turtle, SeriousFun Children’s Network and the Newman’s Own Foundation. Who will be next? The post has reached over 10,000 individuals and 50 shares so far.