Camper Jadon: Destination . . . Forward.

Camp is Never Far from You Camp has a way of touching your heart, coursing through your veins making you eager for more. Jadon’s camp story starts in 2012, the […]

A Heart in Full Bloom

The Numbers Eleven-year-old Camper Eddie and his family appreciate math. Numbers like 11, 1, 8 and 2,920 mean more since 2012.  January 2012, eight years ago, is when Eddie’s life […]

The Journey to Finding One’s True Self 

The Journey Begins It was Summer 2009. Fourteen-year-old Bri packed her belongings and jumped in the car with her grandparents on what would be the greatest adventure of her young […]

Welcome to the Stage . . . Camper Scarlett!

Act One All eyes are on Scarlett when she takes the stage, but can we really see everything about this charming and talented camper? Her daily life consists of dizziness […]

Growing Up With Camp Korey

Meet Therese and her son, Lucas. A typical day for Therese includes working, grocery shopping, and carpooling; but unlike many parents she also must balance the physical, emotional and mental […]

Camper Makenna is on a Cereal Box!

We are excited to celebrate the continued philanthropic work of Camp Korey camper Makenna! Makenna has fundraised in support of our partner, Seattle Children’s Hospital, for several years, as well as […]