From Farm to Table: Thyme and Sage

From the Farm: Rosy Smit, Culinary Gardener We grow many different herbs in the Camp Korey garden.  Among the favorites are thyme and sage. Both can be harvested almost year round […]

Farm to Table: Green Onions

Green Onions, otherwise known as Scallions or Spring Onions are in the Allium family, along with garlic, storage onions and leeks. Green Onions have hollow green leaves and do not […]

From Farm to Table: Potatoes

From the Farm – Rosy Smit, Culinary Gardener Potatoes are grown in every state of the USA, eaten around the globe and are the world’s fourth largest food crop, following […]

From Farm to Table: Radish

From the Farm – Rosy Smit, Culinary Gardener Among the easiest and fastest vegetables to grow, radishes are a cousin to broccoli and kale and come in many shapes, sizes […]

From Farm to Table: Leeks

What is a plumbers favorite vegetable? -Leeks Leeks are in the Allium family which includes onions, shallots, garlic and scallions.  Looking like large scallions, leeks have a sweet, mild oniony […]

Farm to Table: Spinach

From the Farm – Rosy Smit, Culinary Gardener Spinach is part of the Goosefoot family of plants, which includes beets, swiss chard, amaranth and quinoa.   In the Camp Korey garden, […]