Love Grows Here

Story by Erika and Ansab, Camp Korey volunteers. Love grows here. It was almost the end of another week at camp and from across the great lawn, our eyes met. […]

Growing Up With Camp Korey

Meet Therese and her son, Lucas. A typical day for Therese includes working, grocery shopping, and carpooling; but unlike many parents she also must balance the physical, emotional and mental […]

Child Life in Action: Poop Parties!

Camp Korey hosts a Reconstructive Pelvic Medicine (RPM) session every summer that accepts children diagnosed with a variety of different conditions affecting their colorectal and pelvic areas. Kids with these […]

You “Set the Stage” for Campers to Shine

When you support Camp Korey’s programs, you “set the stage” for children and their families to have unforgettable experiences. Camper mom Christina says it best: I wanted to sit down […]

Summer Volunteer Spotlight: the Kitchen

  It takes a lot of good, healthy food to fuel campers and volunteers through a week of Summer Camp! Luckily, Camp Korey has talented leadership in Head Chef Christian […]