Connection is Key

Written By: Camper Alumna Asheley Just Another Day As someone with a life-altering illness day to day life at home has not really changed considering COVID-19. Social distancing is new […]

Finding a Support System

Hi, I am Cass! Let me tell you about my story. I was born with a very rare condition called Conradi Hunermann Syndrome. Conradi Hunermann is a type of dwarfism […]

The Healing Power of Camp

A Born Fighter Lexi is a born fighter diagnosed with Auricular Condylar Syndrome, a genetic craniofacial condition that significantly impacted the formation of her jaw. “The anatomical abnormality of her […]

Creating Camp Magic

A Born Creator & Entertainer JJ made his bold entry into the world with a skip in his step, and in his case, a skip in his heartbeat. Born prematurely […]

Camper Jadon: Destination . . . Forward.

Camp is Never Far from You Camp has a way of touching your heart, coursing through your veins making you eager for more. Jadon’s camp story starts in 2012, the […]

Imagine: A Special Place

“Looking out of our window at Seattle Children’s Hospital, we found ourselves thinking about what people were discovering, exploring, and learning as Korey lay in bed receiving another round of […]