Written By: Camper Alumna Asheley

Just Another Day

As someone with a life-altering illness day to day life at home has not really changed considering COVID-19. Social distancing is new to you, but it is not to me. I am used to “isolating” conditions when my illnesses act up.  Rigorous proper hand washing protocols are just part of my daily routine to keep me protected from even everyday germs that my body cannot fight off. When times were “normal” most of my social interactions were over Facetime or text, so I do not feel as lonely. However, I know first-hand how hard it is to adapt to this new normal. That loss of connection is extremely hard when you want to see your friends and family. For someone like me with a life-altering medical condition the small bit of freedom that I did have is now gone for the foreseeable future.

This Too Shall Pass

I keep repeating this mantra to myself. I know this is not permanent. It is only temporary, and we will get through it. For now, I am staying safe and healthy at home with my family and pets. Through this all, I stop and think of what I would “normally” have done this summer and of course my heart starts to ache, both happy aches and sad aches for Camp Korey! My summer home away from home.

Thinking Fondly about Camp

One of the best memories from Camp Korey was when after a long day of helping out with camp activities my B.L.O.C.K (Building Leaders Out of Camp Korey) group and counselors would sit around a fireplace together. I just simply loved connecting with everyone! We laughed and shared stories and before we knew it – the sky was filled with stars and we would realize it was way past our bedtime! Just being able to connect with these amazing kids and teens was the most memorable experience ever.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

The love that we all had for each other after only just meeting was magical – it was an instant family. Like a family, we would laugh and giggle and wake our counselors who would remind us that it was time to settle down. We just loved being around each other. We also loved making sure all the campers feel connected so we would go above and beyond whether that was by stuffing warm fuzzy bags to the brim or striking up conversation with the quieter campers.  I wish everyone could experience Camp Korey magic, it is one place where we all feel accepted and can just be ourselves.

For the future, I hope to see camp up and running soon when COVID-19 is managed. I would love to help give back the happiness and sense of belonging as a counselor to kids just like me.  

Camper Asheley’s dream of being a counselor and giving back is powered by the gift that our donors and supporters continue to pay forward. Help Asheley keep spreading her Camp Korey love and making connections happen for children with complex medical conditions, like her.