Volunteers from Wyndham joined in during the 2014 United Way Day of Caring event with two other corporate partners.

Last year over 150 WorldMark by Wyndham employees spent a day away from their office as they made their way out to volunteer at Camp Korey.  Wyndham Worldwide is one of Camp Korey’s devoted corporate volunteer groups and donors.  After Wyndham Vacation Ownership (WVO) adopted SeriousFun Children’s Network as their signature charity, Camp Korey and Wyndham have built a long-term relationship that is beneficial to both.
Wyndham provides a “Wish Day” to their employees, a benefit that provides one day of paid time-off annually for community service. Many employees at WorldMark by Wyndham’s Redmond office see Camp Korey as the ideal opportunity to help improve their local community. Wyndham empowers their associates to make a difference in the communities where they live, work and play.
Michele Bailey, one of Wyndham’s liaisons stated, “Our philanthropic program, Wishes by Wyndham, empowers us to make a meaningful and positive impact in our communities, and Wyndham continuously emphasizes the importance of improving the world around us.”
While volunteering at Camp Korey, Wyndham volunteers have the opportunity to learn about the camp’s unique history and various aspects of the camper programs. Wyndham employees feel the meaningful impact that they have made at Camp Korey and the positive effects that each volunteer has on our campers and their family’s lives.  Not only do Wyndham volunteers help to improve Camp Korey, but it has also taught them to appreciate the power an individual has in making a difference to those in need. One employee echoed the thoughts of many volunteers by stating, “When you get to see firsthand who it helps and the appreciation that is received, it makes volunteering at Camp Korey worth it!”