Welcome to Camp Korey, where laughter heals. Please note this map is for exploring purposes only, and is not created to scale.
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Camp Korey empowers children and families living with serious medical conditions through year-round, life changing experiences, always free of charge. At Camp, kids are just kids, and illness takes a back seat to joyful adventures as laughter heals. Camp Korey was founded in 2005 by Tim Rose and his family.

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2. THREE CAR GARAGE – Campers discover their musical talents.

3. POOL – Campers cannonball and cool off.

4. TOLL HOUSE – Campers let their inner artist take over.

5. GREY GABLES MEDICAL CENTER – Bumps and bruises are made better.

6. PET THERAPY – Campers hug and kiss their furry friends.

7. BUNGALOW – Family home of EA Stuart, founder of Carnation Farm. During Family Camp Weekends, parents enjoy a special coffee hour and dinner at the Bungalow.

8. ANN’S CLUBHOUSE  Campers relax, build friendships, play games and more.

9. ROPES COURSE & ZIP-LINE  Campers develop problem solving skills and work together. Campers celebrate their success with a ride down the zip-line.

10. GREAT LAWN  Campers compete in the Silly Olympics, kick around the soccer ball and enjoy outdoor games.

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11. CAMPER LODGES – Our home away from home, where friendships are formed during our special Cabin Chats.

12. HIPPODROME – Campers gather, share meals and shine on stage.

13. FIRE CIRCLE – Campers share secrets, stories and s’mores.

14. ARCHERY – Where little eyes light up with every first bull’s-eye hit!

15. SPORTS BARN – Campers conquer the rockwall and shoot some hoops.

16. ALPINE ROOM – Campers move to the groove during the weekly dance party.

17. OUTDOOR CLASSROOM – Campers get their hands dirty in our organic garden and make their pizzas at the outdoor oven.

18. EQUESTRIAN FIELD – Campers saddle up for a ride.

19. HORSE SHOE LAKE – Campers kiss a fish and take a cruise on the lake.