Jon Chambers and his family in front of the Diagon Alley Project

Jon Chambers, a Seattle tech veteran, built a recreation of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, the London shopping area for wizards. Jon built Diagon Alley in October for his two daughters, and since its opening he has had over 6,000 visitors!
Jon created a blog about how the Diagon Alley Project came to be, featuring photos and videos of his amazing creations! Jon was also featured on the Today Show! View that segment here! and on Good Morning America: click here!
After hosting a series of holiday events this year, Jon Chambers plans to add working doors to the facades and dimension to the shops, and then ship the whole expanded installation up north to Camp Korey!
This exciting new program areas is the perfect space for campers of all ages to play and explore. We are so excited, and grateful, to Jon for making this magical experience possible for our families. Warm Fuzzies to Jon and his family!!