“Looking out of our window at Seattle Children’s Hospital, we found ourselves thinking about what people were discovering, exploring, and learning as Korey lay in bed receiving another round of treatment. Over the next two years, we would gaze out the window imagining what the world was busy doing. Were people laughing over lunch? Were college students prepping to graduate? Were friends heading to the movies? But that was Korey though – always concerned more with others than his own challenges as he fought an aggressive form of bone cancer. Determined that his diagnosis did not define him, and knowing tough times lay ahead, Korey faced his obstacles head on and imagined what life would have in store for him.”

A Father’s Love

Love is a powerful thing. It can carry you to the clouds and in the same breath bring you falling to your knees. Love knows no boundaries, especially when you are a parent to a child fighting with every ounce of their young being against a silent adversary. You pray and hope, you wish and cry, you pace and race, you hold his hand, kiss his cheek, and vow to make a real difference in his life and most likely, in his memory.

Korey was 18 he when lost his battle with cancer in 2005.

A Wish is a Dream the Heart Makes

Korey’s father, Tim Rose, knows the importance of a wish. He wished. Korey wished. He knew that Korey’s wish was to bring light to children when they were in the dark, to restore joy when they felt sad, to find connection when they were isolated. Tim knew that with a splash of imagination he could make a lasting impact so other families, like his–like Korey–would know they were not alone. They had a voice. They had friends. They had a home.

A Father’s Commitment Fulfilled 

Imagination is also a powerful thing. Imagination illuminates the soul, empowers creativity, ignites passion, and strengthens resolve. Camp Korey is the result of a father’s love and imagination.

Inspired by his son Korey, Tim, his family, friends, and supporters would join together to build a 200-acre place where childhood takes center stage. For the last 15 years, Camp Korey has been a place of fun, adventure, and hope for more than 31,000 children and their families. We see first-hand the impact of the SeriousFun Children’s Network and the spirit of community as together we transform childhood for children with life altering medical conditions.

Thank You, Korey

June 9, 1986 is a day that will forever live in the hearts and minds of the Rose Family. Korey’s enthusiasm for life was palpable with his gregarious and boisterous personality, his quick wit, poignant observations, gentle heart, and genuine thoughtfulness for his friends and family. Korey was a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and a heart to encourage.

Korey, we remember your kindness, your outgoing personality, your respectful nature, and your enthusiasm for life.  We rejoice in being named after you because together, WE ARE CAMP K.O.R.E.Y!

“A place where imagination sparks the spirit, wishes come true, and childhood comes first!”  – Tim Rose, Korey’s Dad

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Help us make a wish and blow out the candles as we look to another 15 years of lasting impact for our campers, families, volunteers, and supporters of Camp Korey!

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