When we originally envisioned this year’s event, we had never heard of COVID-19. We were inspired and delighted to help plan an elegant event with wine, dinner, storytelling and paddle-raising to support children and their families with the gift of laughter, smiles and childhood dreams coming true. How we wish we could be raising a glass and roasting a s’more with all of you today!

 The pandemic changed the format of this year’s GROW fundraiser, but it didn’t change the need for YOUR support. Since the beginning of this health crisis, Camp Korey has been here, ready to take care of children around the globe through virtual programming and mailed camper boxes filled with games and activities to enjoy during this time.

The doctors, nurses and caregivers at our partner hospitals share that our programming and mission are still desperately needed, just as they always have been. From Eddie’s care package arriving days after a heart biopsy for his heart transplant, to JJ’s virtual stage performance singing about isolation from COVID-19 and Scarlett’s joke telling before her next appointment to measure the tumors on her face and throat, they have counted on Camp Korey to be there, caring for their families, time and time again. 

That’s why we are still holding this event, and why we are asking you to join us in standing beside the care providers, campers, families, volunteers, partners and medical providers who, together, care for our Camp Korey community. Today we truly see how interconnected we all are, and how deep that connection runs.

We will keep the campfire bright with a weeklong online auction opening Saturday, September 19 at 8am culminating into our heartwarming virtual program on Saturday, September 26 at 6pm.

Roast a s’more, raise a glass, tune in and help campers like Eddie, JJ and Scarlett. The campers, the families, the mission look to us to illuminate their night sky as we ensure that the Camp Korey campfire continues to glow and GROW!