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Cabin Chat with Sophie, Camper Turned Volunteer

Camp Korey volunteers are vital to creating camp magic. Giving your time and heart to support joy, adventure, and transformational experiences for campers is a rewarding practice and you become a part of the Camp Korey story: a caring, supportive, and compassionate community that comes together to enrich the lives of our children living with life-altering medical conditions and their families. Sophie started as a camper and talked with our Volunteer Manager, Paige, about why she chose to continue her journey with Camp Korey as a volunteer.


P: What have you personally gained/learned by volunteering at Camp Korey?

S: Before volunteering at Camp Korey, I was a camper myself for six years. As a camper, camp was nothing short of life changing. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that those life-changing moments would continue to extend throughout volunteering alongside co-volunteers turned friends. As each program closes, I find myself walking away feeling like I have grown as a leader and as a person who has gained an ever-growing camp family.

P: What is your favorite part about volunteering as a counselor?

S: Being a camp counselor at Camp Korey is indescribable! Witnessing parents’ reactions when you tell them, “Yes! Your Kid CAN do this! We can accommodate them!” is incredibly special. The joy on their faces is priceless, especially when they see their child achieve goals they never thought possible.

P: What would you tell a potential new volunteer?

S: Simply put, Camp Korey is always a deeply rewarding and transformative experience for all involved. It’s impossible to describe the atmosphere as anything short of magic. Giving back to this camp is incredibly fulfilling, and you’ll find yourself coming back for more! It’s not uncommon to overhear, “I just wish I had heard about this sooner!” from new volunteers and campers alike.

P: Why do you volunteer with Camp Korey?

S: I volunteer because Camp Korey is such a beautiful, special place, and it’s hard not to fall in love with the mission, programming, and community. Spending time at Camp supporting kids, alongside some of the most compassionate people I have ever known, is such a gift and the reason I came/come back time and time again.