Camp Korey offers children and families an escape from the endless medical treatments that have overshadowed childhood. Campers grow stronger, braver, and build leadership skills that they take into their everyday lives.

Our campers have reported an increase in self-esteem, confidence and resilience, along with a network of friends and support to help them through the tough times. We work with a dedicated team of medical professionals and program facilitators to create a medically safe camp adventure.

Universally Accessible

Following a challenge by choice model, programs are created to be accessible and adaptable for all. This inclusive environment fosters a sense of pride, accomplishment and independence.

Childhood First

Campers get to be kids first, enjoying all the adventures of camp such as fishing and horseback riding. Necessary medications are brought to the camper, so they never miss a moment of the fun.

Medically Sound

Camp Korey is fully supported by a team of trained medical staff and volunteers. Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists from the Pacific Northwest provide care and supervision whenever camp is in session.

Free of Charge

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, community partners, and volunteers, we host hundreds of campers and families each year at Camp Korey­—at no cost to the families.