Story by Erika and Ansab, Camp Korey volunteers.

Love grows here.

It was almost the end of another week at camp and from across the great lawn, our eyes met. I looked for an escape but there was nowhere to go. My heart started racing as I dodged campers, but it wasn’t enough…you ran by me laughing while throwing spaghetti in my face. I fell in love with you a little bit more.

Our story is not a story of love at first sight, but a story of falling in love a little more every summer. 

Ansab and I have been married for almost eight years. In that eight years I graduated college, Ansab started and finished medical school, started his orthopedic surgery residency, we’ve moved five times and had two wonderful children (Hakeem, 3 years & Kaisan, 17 months). This crazy adventure started at Camp Korey in the summer of 2009. Here, two strangers volunteered for the same two weeks during summer camp. 

I heard you before I saw you, I had just walked into arts and crafts for the first time at volunteer orientation and you were sitting at a table laughing. Your laugh is infectious. This was my first introduction to your love of puns and your ability to make everyone around you smile. 

Summer 2009: We were both first time counselors and bonded over the strength and resilience we saw in our campers. After our two shared weeks at camp we both went back to college (Ansab at UW and me at UMN). We texted sporadically but were both busy with our studies. 

“It was great to see your beautiful smiling face at camp. Your connections with the campers are heartwarming & I’m glad to have worked with you” (Warm Fuzzy note from Ansab to Erika).

Summer 2010: Ansab was on summer staff and I came back to volunteer for two weeks. Camp magic was at work again as Ansab and I were counselors for the same cabin. After camp ended, we went on our first date and shortly after, I had to go back to college. After this summer it was harder not to stay in touch and when I came back from winter break, we went on our second date.  

Summer 2011: We both graduated college and again Ansab spent his summer as summer camp staff and I volunteered for three weeks. We spent another summer laughing and making memories – with our campers and with each other, only this summer we were official.  

“These kids have such a special gift that they are able to share with us and being able to share that experience with you is one of my favorite parts of camp! I am excited to watch you shine for the next 5 years & then the rest of forever!” (Warm Fuzzy note from Erika to Ansab)

Summer 2012: Ansab and I got married May 25, 2012 and decided to spend our entire summer at Camp Korey, this time both of us as members of the summer staff. It may not be conventional for most newlyweds to spend the beginning of their marriage as camp counselors but for us, this is where our story started. We grew up and grew together at Camp Korey.  

“I look forward to supporting you & having your support as the years go by and growing a family with you. Let’s infuse it with the love, support, & openness we have shared & developed at Camp” (Warm Fuzzy note from Ansab to Erika). 

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