Matt Hipps, from Madison Park, watched Camp Korey board member and Team Korey athlete Chris McReynolds train for the 2013 New York City Marathon. Sitting inside his house, Matt would see Chris run by, rain or shine, running with a huge smile. Later Matt would learn that Chris was running for a cause, to support the mission of Camp Korey. In 2013, Matt was not able to get up and start training, but he was inspired, by both Chris’s dedication and the mission of Camp Korey. Like our campers, Matt knew firsthand what it was like to live with a serious and life-altering medical condition.
Matt-Hipps-photo1 After getting clearance from his medical team, Matt signed up to become a Team Korey athlete and run the 2014 New York City Marathon, his first marathon. He was ready for the challenge and ready to show his family, friends and community that no matter what personal obstacles are thrown your way, you can bounce back and still find gratitude and opportunity in life. As a Team Korey athlete, he pledged, along with 14 other athletes to raise $3,500 for Camp Korey, a challenging amount for all athletes. Invigorated and inspired by his new outlook, and motivated by our campers, Matt wanted to challenge himself further and make every mile count. Matt set a goal for himself — each mile would bring in $1,000 for Camp, totaling $26,200. In October, Matt achieved that goal thanks to the generosity of his family, friends and community. In fact at last count, Matt has raised over $30,000! On November 2, Matt will join 14 other equally dedicated and determined Team Korey athletes in New York City to run the historic 26.2 mile marathon. Donations and support for all our athletes are welcome and can be made online at
Camp Korey is grateful for the support and dedication our Team Korey athletes give to Camp Korey and the over 4,000 campers and families we serve.