Hey Camp Korey! Just 18 days left until Summer Camp starts!

We want to take a moment to briefly introduce you to our Summer Staff:

Matt: This will be Matt’s second summer with Camp Korey! Puns, puppies trying to go upstairs, bad jokes about music, and costumes never fail to make Matt laugh!

Kortney: This will be Kortney’s second year at Camp! If Kortney could have a super power, it would be to shoot bubble out of her fingers!

Ellie: This will be Ellie’s second summer with Camp Korey! Some of Ellie’s hobbies are: hiking, camping, painting, doing puzzles, reading, and trying to play Ultimate Frisbee. Are snacks a hobby?

Samuel: If Samuel could go anywhere in the world, he’d love to visit the geysers of Iceland.

Kristin: Kristin’s song of choice to sing at karaoke night is “Part of Your World” – The Little Mermaid

Isaac: If Isaac could have a super power, it would be to turn into any animal because then he can fly, turn practically invisible, run super-fast and breathe underwater.

Katelynn: If Katelynn could meet anyone, it would be Olaf, so she can get a warm hug.

Merrick: When he was a kid, Merrick wanted to become a member of *NSYNC or a rapper. Whatever came first!

Kaylee: If Kaylee could have a super power, it would be to not need sleep (think how much more free time you would have!)

Maria: Maria’s favorite treat is DONUTS! Specifically strawberry frosted.

Rose: This is Rose’s second summer at Camp! If Rose could go anywhere in the world, it would be South Korea!

Madison: Madison’s favorite meal is Mac and Cheese with hot dogs, or the common Minnesota meal of tater-tot hot dish.

Robert: Robert’s hobbies include: cooking, farming, being outdoors, fishing, playing basketball, baseball, swimming, and spending time with his Great Dane.

Erin: If Erin could meet anyone, it would be Amelia Earhart, because she was a daredevil!

Cassie: Funny tweets, her friends, and The Office, never fail to make Cassie laugh. 

Christa: This will be Christa’s second summer at Camp Korey! If Christa could have any superpower, it would be to speak and understand any language or to teleport, because she loves connecting with people!

This amazing team will help care for campers, lead activities, and work with our weekly volunteers to make the days filled with the magic of camp. This year, we are also introducing a fun way to connect the community to the team making camp possible through the Adopt a Summer Staff Member program.

Our summer staff are at camp all summer long, sharing their incredible energy and all their time in order to create a safe and fun atmosphere for campers. When you “adopt” a staff member (you can either choose one particular person, support the summer staff in general, or adopt a weekly session’s volunteers) you are signing up to provide a kind message, a care package, or some other form of supportive encouragement to that dedicated team member or group.

Check out the details here and sign up with Nichol to participate! Thank you to all the staff, volunteers, and supporters who make up the Camp Korey community. Together we are Camp Korey!