Matt Burrows, Camp Director
While Matt isn’t new to Camp Korey he is our new Camp Director!
What are you most excited for in your new position?
I’m most excited to take what I’ve learned over the last eight years with Camp Korey and apply it to help create our new program and space. I couldn’t be more thrilled at my continued involvement with Camp during this time of change.
How has Camp changed you?
It’s transformed me. When I was younger I was quiet and withdrawn from the rest of my peers.  Camp is a place that I can be uniquely me and also push myself in new ways to be a leader and an advocate for our mission.
What has Camp taught you?
Camp has taught me to take risks and trust others. I love that camp makes me feel empowered and I love empowering others to make their own mistakes.
What do you like to do outside of Camp?
I like to hang out with my family, my wonderful wife and two cats. Play board games, videogames, read and try out new hobbies.
What is your favorite thing to do at Camp Korey?
I love all the in-between times. Between programs, at meals, during chill time where everyone can get to know each other. I also love it when anyone tries something new. They don’t have to succeed their first time.
Favorite Camp Song?
Any of our high energy songs, Rattlin’ Bog, WaddlyAcha or A Roosta Sha