Jen Newmarch

Camp Korey Nursing Director


What do you do at camp?

I manage all the medical needs of the campers, families, staff and volunteers during summer camp and during family weekends. I also help recruit new campers and medical providers so camp can continue to grow.


Where are you from?



When did you start working at camp?

April 2020, right before the COVID shutdown


Why do you work at camp?

I work at camp because after 15 years as a pediatric nurse, I wanted to give back to the children and families that I have cared for in the hospital. I was needing to transition into a job where I was able to give more positive and intentional nursing care and experiences for the campers and families.


What do you want all children with a life-altering illness to know about camp?

Camp is a magical place where campers can be themselves and have an experience where they can leave their medical condition at the gate and find their true selves.


What is your favorite thing about camp?

Archery and Silly O


What inspires you?

Seeing campers being able to just be kids and enjoy camp and leave their medical condition, trauma and worries behind and just be kids.

Jen Newmarch at camp
Jen Newmarch, Leo, and camper
Jen Newmarch