Kortney (Danson) Smith

Camp Korey Program Coordinator


What do you do at camp?

I plan and execute programs and events for our campers and families. Whether it’s creating schedules, planning activities, or leading some cheers… I love what I do. And I get to bring the FUN to SeriousFun!


Where are you from?

Mukilteo, WA


When did you start working at camp?

2009 as a camper, then summer staff, and then 2021 full time!


Why do you work at camp?

I know firsthand the feelings of magic and safety that comes with being a camper here, and I am excited to provide those same feelings for others.


What do you want all children with a life-altering illness to know about camp?

Camp is a safe space. It’s a place to feel like you fit in, with what often makes you stand out.


What is your favorite thing about camp?

Camp is my home away from home, a place I always feel safe.


What inspires you?

The impact camp has on everyone, parents, and campers alike. Even after just a couple hours at camp you can hear the cheerful laughs and see the happy tears.

Kortney Smith
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