Paige Mackintosh

Camp Korey Volunteer Manager


What do you do at camp?

All things volunteer! Recruiting, supervising, training, stewarding, etc. I mainly work with Program Volunteers and help support for other types of volunteers (admin, events, facilities, etc.).


Where are you from?

I am from Duvall, Washington.


When did you start working at camp?

I first got involved as a volunteer in 2008, and then worked at camp for four summers during college. I have been working full-time and working with volunteers for over five years.


Why do you work at camp?

Camp Korey changed my life when I was a volunteer back in 2008. Seeing these campers thrive in this environment, in hopes that they can bring new-found confidence and other abilities out in other areas in their life, is truly an amazing thing to witness.

And now I get to help volunteers have the best volunteer experience like I had all those years ago!


What do you want all children with a life-altering illness to know about camp?

Know that one of our main goals is to create a sense of belonging. Creating that environment where someone can be their true self is paramount. I have seen a lot of “aha” moments, of kids opening up and literally being able to say, “I can be my true self at camp.”


What is your favorite thing about camp?

The positive transformations that you get to see – whether that be from the beginning of the week to the end of the week – or for someone like me who has been involved for a long time – literally seeing kids grow up into these amazing people.

I feel so blessed to have gotten to witness so many kids throughout the years, finding their true selves, their passions, their voice, and all the above!


What inspires you?

People getting out of their comfort zones to trying new things – whether it be a camper, a sibling, a parent, a volunteer, a donor, or even a staff member!

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Paige Mackintosh