Meet the Team:
Nichol Ellis
Camp Korey Camp Director


“I thrive in helping all humans become the best version of themselves, wherever they are at that point in time. I love participating in transformative experiences where people are given the opportunity to grow and embrace their own individuality and explore who they want to become. I have truly found this at Camp Korey. Our campers experience life with a wide variety of medical impacts, and to learn alongside them has been as life-changing for me as I hope it is for them. At camp, kids can just be kids, and the value of play, with a sprinkle of laughter, is sometimes the best medicine! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of us!”-  Nichol

Nichol sprays foam for a group of campers playing during Silly Olympics.

Why Camp Korey? What moments stand out to you when at Camp?

Inspiration. I am inspired by our campers and their families. Our campers are born with medical conditions that significantly impact their whole life, and because they have never known differently, they have had to adapt to the outside world. What I love is watching the smiles, the sighs of relief and the appreciation that finally they have a special place that specifically, intentionally adapts for them. Those are the moments that I live for as a Camp Korey team member. Camp truly brings out the best in humanity.

What is your role at Camp?

To bring the FUN! I love camp life. I studied education and youth development in college and have since spent the last two decades applying my knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of playful healing. I have travelled the world exploring and working with youth from Papua New Guinea to Hong Kong and Bellingham, WA discovering the impacts of play-based therapy for children and adolescents. My role is to bring, whether at summer camp, in the hospital setting, or at a community event, the FUN for our campers and their families.

Nichol holds a prop broomstick in front of the Seahawks RV at CampWhat excites you about the future of Camp Korey? Wish flags are a big part of Camp, what would be your wish for Camp Korey?

Since joining the staff almost two years ago, I’ve seen the potential of what Camp Korey will become as we continue to grow into our new property so we can serve more children and welcome their families, friends, and medical teams to Camp Korey. I am excited to strengthen camper development and provide safe programming and intentional adaptive opportunities for our campers and our volunteers.

I wish for more people to experience the magic of camp as a supporter or as a volunteer! This is such an extraordinarily transformative time in our campers’ lives and to share this with our greater community is a personal wish and mantra. I wish for everyone to discover becoming the best version of themselves. Be inspired. Find positivity. Embrace individuality. Come together.

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Congratulations to Camp Director Nichol! To read Nichol’s official press release click here. Stay tuned for future stories, impacts, moments, and memories that Nichol will be creating at Camp Korey!