“Every time I see you, you are so happy which makes everyone else so happy.”

A Beloved Camp Tradition

Ever heard campers, volunteers, or staff talk about “warm fuzzies”?

Warm Fuzzies are our camp term for those affirmations and moments of connection that make you feel all warm and fuzzy. We give warm fuzzies after a Stage Night performance, or to recognize someone who has tried something new or done a good deed for others. Spirit fingers? At camp, that’s a form of giving warm fuzzies. Warm fuzzies in all forms are used to spread love and positivity at camp. They are a way to show that we care about and appreciate each other.

Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

“Thank you so much for an amazing week at Camp! We had so much fun! We love Camp Korey because you get to be yourself and just be a kid.”

“You’re so contagious – not bacteria but laughter and lots of smiles!”

“Thanks for being so fun-derful this week!”

Since camp started, everyone who attends a program decorates a bag to hang up, and over the course of the week or weekend, others fill it up with warm fuzzy notes! From a simple message celebrating someone’s cheerfulness, friendliness, or other characteristics, to recognition of an important event at camp, or thanking someone for an impact they have, warm fuzzies help us build each other up and create a beautiful set of tangible memories people take with them when they leave camp.

“I have all my Warm Fuzzies in a drawer. When you are having a really difficult day, you can pull one out and it’s just made one hundred times better.” – Camp Korey Camper

Carrying Camp with You

Building on this special tradition, warm fuzzy creatures were created by a camper in 2017, who wanted to continue the sense of community and support created at Camp Korey in a more tangible (and huggable) way. Each camper receives a warm fuzzy creature to take home with them after they complete a week of residential summer camp. These warm fuzzies will serve as a reminder of the support and friendships made at camp whenever they need a boost in spirits.