Mindfulness Matters.

Your mind is incredibly powerful. So are your emotions. The human mind is capable of great extremes leaving you feeling like you just rode a roller coaster. But, sometimes the roller coaster is too much with all the swirling, twirling and spinning and you just need to feel grounded again. That is when a mindful jar is the perfect tool!

What is a mindful jar?

Great question! Mindful jars are DIY resources that reflect our emotional feelings. When the glitter jar is unshaken, the glitter is settled peacefully at the bottom of the jar. You can see clearly through it. The glitter can represent thoughts. When we’re feeling angry or upset (shake the bottle), thoughts are swirling around so we aren’t able to think clearly. Watch the glitter though, it always settles. And as you watch the glitter settle, notice the mind settling too. When the glitter returns to the bottom of the jar, you will feel calm and can think more clearly. See for yourself that mindfulness matters!

Get Involved!

This really works best when kids make their own bottle!

Jar or bottle
For the jar, I use plastic water bottles so I don’t have to worry about glass breaking. For durability and shape, I prefer to use 11.2oz (330ml) Voss Water bottles. The labels peel off fairly easily, but you have to go slowly.


I really like Elmer’s Clear School Glue for my glitter jars. If you’re using the 11.2oz bottles I recommend above, one 5oz bottle contains enough glue for about 2 glitter jars.


Fine glitter works best. I’ve used glitter from a glitter sample pack and we added in a few larger hearts and stars spangles.


Warm water, straight from the tap. With the first glitter jar we ever made, I had microwaved the water to near-boiling and even though it had cooled down a lot by the time we added it to the bottle, I sealed the cap shut while it was still fairly warm. As it cooled, the water contracted and warped the bottle shape a little. (Science!)


  • Food coloring to color the water. One or two drops is more than enough!
  • A small funnel for the glitter. Our glitter came in little packets, so I just snipped the corner so the kids could easily pour it into their bottles, but it might be worth it to use a funnel or make a small paper funnel so your kids’ glitter goes mostly where they want it!

Remember, it’s more about the process than the product.

  1. Fill your bottle about 1/8 to 1/3 full with glue. The more glue you add, the longer it will take for the glitter to settle after shaking.
  2. Add glitter, start with a tablespoon or so. Take a deep breath as you watch your child pour glitter everywhere but inside the bottle. PS: a slightly damp paper towel wipes up fine glitter pretty well. A vacuum works even better.
  3. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with warm water. At this step, before filling the bottle all the way, you can leave a little less than an inch of space at the top of the bottle, cap it, and shake it to see if you want to add more glitter, more glue, or just more water.
  4. When the bottle is full up to the neck with water, glitter, and glue, cap it. I recommend using a hot glue gun to seal the cap closed. I did this by applying a single ring of glue all around the top threading and then screwing the cap on.

Thank you to Camp Korey’s Senior Marketing and Community Engagement Manager, Kim Puhrmann, for sharing this at-home activity!