2016 Pic
Greetings Camp Korey family!
The new year is now here! 2016 is going to be a year of tremendous growth at Camp Korey. We’ve been busy preparing for the start of our first programs of the year and summer is quickly approaching!
We often hear about people setting goals for themselves at the start of each year. So we wanted to take a moment and ask staff to reflect on what they hope to achieve in 2016, both at camp and in their own lives. So let’s see what they had to say!

“To grow our program so more kids can come to Camp Korey.”
                  -Connor Inslee, Camp Director
“Spend more days at the beach!”
                  -Becky Venable, Executive Assistant & Human Resources Administrator
“I’m going to work with strategic effectiveness.”
                  – Kim Aue, Executive Chef
“I will learn at least 12 new cheers and camp games in 2016!!!”
-Matt Burrows, Program Manager

“Ride the 65 mile route in Flying Wheels to send more kids to camp and model a healthy lifestyle for my son. ”
                  – Kelly Brackett, Director of Development
“To eat more dark, leafy greens by growing some plants at home for easy access and preparing meals ahead of time.”
                  -Rosy Smit, Culinary Gardener
“To take up crocheting again.”
                  -Mariah Mitchell, Accounting Director
“To unplug from technology every day, be present in the now, notice the little things, spend more time outside, and indulge in things that make me happy! To do this, I’m going to start journaling each day, plan times to explore the outdoors, and set times to shut off technology.”
                  – Shawna Chapman, Program Coordinator
“To fill our positions with passionate, engaged, skilled volunteers who will help us to honor and serve our families and campers and continue to build our capacity.”
                 -Janelle Kitson, Volunteer Manager 

Well there we have it! A lot of awesome goals for the new year, including a lot of “trying new things”! We want to hear some of your plans for 2016. Send us a message or leave a comment on any of our social media sites. We can’t wait to hear from you!