We love Camp Korey. You love Camp Korey. Together, we are Camp Korey.

Thank you for being a part of the Camp Korey Community Campaign!

Summer is officially here! How are you staying active during this time? Do you enjoy running, hiking, biking, or walking? Can you create a safe, socially distanced bake sale or craft sale? Have your passion support the magic of camp through a Team Korey peer to peer fundraising challenge! It’s the perfect way to create connections for a cause while we continue social distancing. Make every mile count!

The Camp Korey Community has a unique opportunity to help support the magic of camp through peer to peer fundraising. All funds raised allow us to continue providing children with life-altering medical conditions and their families with the joyful adventures of summer camp, family weekends, and family day adventures.

At Camp Korey, children have the freedom they need to face their personal challenges and to embrace the joy of childhood, while their families receive the respite and care they need to heal. In addition to giving kids an opportunity to make new friends who relate to their experience and to “raise a little hell,” over 90% of 2017 camper parents said that Camp Korey helped their child become more independent and work well in group settings.

You can be a part of bringing new confidence, independence, and interpersonal skills to our campers by joining our effort and creating your own team.  

Get Started Today:

  1. Step One: Download our welcome packet filled with helpful information HERE.
  2. Step Two: Download step by step instructions on how to create your fundraising page HERE.
  3. Step Three: Share, share and share your fundraising page on social media – don’t forget to tag us!
  4. Step Four: Visit the official Camp Korey Community Campaign team page to support and share other team members’ fundraising efforts HERE.

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