Congratulations to our 2018 Team Korey runners on yet another successful NYC Marathon.

We couldn’t be more proud! During race day, families were able to indulge in the adrenaline rush and excitement, and track each runner’s progress in real-time. Runner, Andrea Dryden, left a smoke trail across all five boroughs as she jetted and finished the race within the top 20%! Roadrunners, Jessica, Patrick, Lauren, Gen, Jamie, Bridget, and Brian also all finished within the top 50% and knocked the race out in under 5 hours. Our group was also quite international with two Canadian runners, one runner from Germany, and the rest from USA. Each and every one of our team members gave New York a run for its money!

Whether it was strengthening their physical endurance or spreading the word about who Camp Korey is, time, commitment, and thoughtfulness began months before race day. Our team connected with their friends, relatives, businesses, and community members and helped raise over $35K (and counting) in support of camp.

We truly cannot thank our runners and each and every donor who supported them enough!

While our team was taking on the 26 mile trek, Camp hosted some happy Team Korey cheerers at our Skeletal Dysplasia family weekend. Our campers even made their own Team Korey “marathon” with a video to prove it to show their excitement for the team (see below).


Thank you Team Korey runners! You truly are a team that makes every mile count.