camp-korey-thank-you-1Here at Camp Korey, our volunteers are essential. They go above and beyond to help us fulfill our mission of serving children with serious and life-altering medical conditions. Here’s just a few reasons why we’re thankful for them and all they do:

1. They make the magic of camp possible!

At camp, or on the road with our Camp to You program, our volunteers create magical experiences for our campers! Their creative ideas help develop amazing programs at Carnation Farm and throughout healthcare settings in Seattle, Tacoma and Portland.

2. They keep our camp safe.

We are extremely fortunate to have so many nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, pharmacists, and additional medical professionals volunteer year round for each of our camp events. Families can feel safe knowing that their campers are surrounded by trained medical professionals who want every child to have the best time at camp, free of medical worries and stress.

3. They are willing to roll up their sleeves and work behind the scenes

We have a lot of AMAZING volunteers who do not work directly with the campers, but who work very hard behind the scenes. Volunteers help us in the garden and kitchen, keep our facilities spick-and-span, and work with our facilities team to keep the camp operating! You may not see them, you may not know them, but they are there keeping Camp Korey working in tip-top shape!

4. They always answer the call.

Camp Korey loves to see the growing number of returning volunteers every year. As our camp grows, the call/need for volunteers continues to grow. We feel honored to have many returning volunteers year after year, who are willing to volunteer their time to help the campers and families. When a call to action is sent out, we know so many of our volunteers are ready to answer.

5. They LOVE our Campers!

Camp Korey’s overall mission is to “honor the courage, strength, and determination of children living with serious and life-altering medical conditions and their families; and to provide them with a safe, friendly, medically sound environment in which to simply have fun and be kids.” Every single volunteer is a part of making this mission possible, whether they are directly working with the campers or are working behind the scenes. Our volunteers care about these campers and want them to have fun and be kids, while still being medically safe.

Thank you to every single past and present Camp Korey volunteer. You make our mission possible!