34 years ago our Camp Korey story started, though we didn’t know it yet. For 18 years the words of our story would fill the pages one by one until chapters were formed. The story would grow, develop, and unfold into one of strength, compassion, and a community coming together to impact over 31,000 children and their families all written and inspired by Korey Rose.

June 9, 1986 is a day that will forever live in the hearts and minds of the Rose Family. Our founder, along with his extended family, take pause today to remember the son they loved, the brother passed, the jokester, the sweet heart, the light that lit up a room. Korey’s enthusiasm for life was palpable from his gregarious and boisterous personality to his quick wit, poignant observations, gentle heart, and genuine thoughtfulness for his friends and family. Korey was a shoulder to lean on with an ear to listen and a heart to encourage.

Today, we celebrate Korey Rose on what would have been his 34th birthday. Korey lost his battle with cancer at the young, but profound age of 18. Just on the cusp of adulthood, yet still a kid. We reflect on our last 15 years as Camp Korey. We remember his kindness, his outgoing personality, his respectful nature and enthusiasm for life. We think of all he has inspired YOU to do!

We rejoice in being named after him because WE ARE CAMP KOREY!

Help us make a wish and blow out the candles as we look to another 15 years of lasting impact for our campers, families, volunteers and supporters of Camp Korey!

Happy 34th Birthday, Korey! We’ll keep the campfire going and growing for you. You’re missed. You’re loved. You’re in our hearts today and always.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qbWwiK7KNg[/embedyt]

At Camp, we carry Korey’s memory with us as we embrace our inner Korey:

Kind, Outgoing, Respectful, Enthusiastic,

while always being Yourself.




“After I get home from camp, the first thing I do is make a countdown calendar until next year. I love Camp Korey!” – Camper Scarlett