A Born Fighter

Lexi is a born fighter diagnosed with Auricular Condylar Syndrome, a genetic craniofacial condition that significantly impacted the formation of her jaw. “The anatomical abnormality of her jaw created serious challenges for breathing, eating, and speaking that required immediate intensive medical intervention,” shares Lexi’s mom, “from the moment of her birth, it was a desperate rush to keep her alive.” Much of her young life has been spent at Seattle Children’s Hospital enduring multiple intensive surgeries for months at a time.  Yet, from the confines of her hospital bed and with limited mobility, Lexi’s parents remained determined to help her move through her pain and fear on their mission to find joy and connection for her with other children.

A Bubbly Personality

How does one support an extrovert when most days the only interaction you see are the friendly smiles and high-fives of nurses and doctors? Fortunately for Lexi her outgoing and incredibly resilient, positive attitude was met with her enthusiasm and perseverance for living a somewhat social childhood.  Knowing the importance of having a social outlet for Lexi, “our medical team at Seattle Children’s Hospital shared Camp Korey with us and even joined us at camp!” Lexi’s mom recalls.

When Camp Life Calls

In March 2014, a then five-year old Lexi and her family attended a Camp Korey Family Weekend. The experience marked a major change in their life, helping them meet other children and parents, learn about teamwork, understand the value in everyone’s unique yet familiar story, and begin to heal together.

Lexi’s greatest dreams came to fruition as she dressed up in costumes, performed on stage, ran around camp on a scavenger hunt, created artistic masterpieces, climbed the rock wall, and told stories around the campfire. Since her first Camp Korey experience, Lexi has been hooked, attending several family weekends until she was old enough to attend summer camp in 2017.  Camp has been a healing place for Lexi’s entire family as they have watched Lexi break free and find herself.  Her mom remembers that how joyous Lexi was after her first week of camp, “she was full of energy, confidence, and great stories!”

The Healing Power of Camp

Through her medical journey, Lexi has spent an exorbitant amount of time and energy healing her body. Camp Korey has helped Lexi heal her spirit.  At Camp, Lexi’s feelings of joy abound as she takes risks, embraces her independence, and creates strong connections with new friends.

Camp Korey is a special place where children feel visible, powerful, connected, and celebrated.  Camp Korey creates a space where Lexi can not only heal but also shine! As Lexi’s family says,Simply stated – Thank you, Camp Korey.”

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Lexi says her favorite parts of camp are horseback riding and Silly-O.  She loves learning a bunch of cheers and making new friends at camp.  When asked “what do you look forward to most at Camp Korey?”, Lexi smiled and simply said “All of it. . .the whole experience!”