One of Camp Korey’s values and goals is to provide connection, one of the ways we achieve this is through family weekends. Family weekends provide a space not only for camper connections, but sibling and parent connections. Parents often speak of the relief they feel when discussing their child’s challenges and how they align with another family’s challenges. Siblings can meet with others who face similar challenges to themselves, finding their own unique type of support. At Camp Korey, we provide a safe place and environment for families to make these connections, ultimately strengthening the power of support for every individual family member who attends family weekends.

Some quotes from participating parents!

Thank you thank you for such a wonderful weekend! We sincerely appreciate everyone who worked so hard to make today so special. We had an amazing time and look forward to our next visit!

“Thank you so much to all of those who helped give my daughter such a wonderful and inspiring experience! Much gratitude!”

I am forever grateful for the weekends I get to attend camp with Lyla and our family.  It is the trip we all look forward to every year.  Thank you for allowing us to attend camp.

Oh my goodness, I have two dirty, tired, singing happy children – thank you all at Camp Korey that has been part of the set-up, running and behind the scenes.  We could not be more grateful! 

During the year, my heart breaks more times than I can count. Sometimes a weekend of reminders is all I need to put the broken pieces together to be strong enough for my daughter. Thank you for helping me heal my heart once again.