How the Game of Golf and Camp Korey help children foster a positive, growth mindset

What is growth mindset? Well, it is the belief you can get better with practice. As parents and care providers, we want our children to believe they can do anything if they invest in themselves whether in the classroom, the hospital setting, a workplace, or in this case, on the course!

As adults we recognize that without a positive growth mindset it is easy to find ourselves stuck. At Camp Korey, we practice challenge by choice which allows campers to have exposure to new experiences, but only if they are ready and when they decide to make that next move.

Golf is like our Camp Korey “challenge by choice” model. By facing our reservations and stripping away the negative self-talk we are freeing our mind, body, and spirit to overcome obstacles therefore becoming the best version of ourselves. Golf and Camp Korey instill certain life skills, or principles, for children, that include acceptance, learned learning, patience, and perspective. All four of these skills play into our growth mindset as we navigate childhood into adolescence and adulthood.

Camp Korey’s mission to re-invigorate childhood parallels well with the game of golf – a sport that is perfect for young people, and for those that are young at heart. Golf teaches us to accept the consequences of a poor shot and how to remember that your self-worth is not tied to your golf score, or for our campers, their medical condition. We can find long-lasting relationships on and off the course with fellow teammates and mentors as we would with fellow campers and counselors.

The saying “patience is a virtue” rings true when trying to learn how to sink a putt or try archery for the first time! Learning these skills now gives children the perseverance and determination that they will carry with them throughout their life. Learning new skills is tough! It is tough to learn and try new things – things that might scare us at first, or might seem silly, but taking those first steps and doing it on your own is at the root of our challenge by choice and the rewards are boundless. In golf, like in life, it takes practice, time, courage, friends, encouragement, and tenacity. It takes a positive, growth mindset.

The next time you are wanting to try a new outdoor sport – think about golf! Think about how those strengths you learned at Camp Korey will help you on the course and in life.

After all, Camp is always with you. 

A special thank you to our 2nd Annual Camp Korey Classic Anniversary Sponsor Niagara Bottling, LLC and Storyteller Sponsors Coca Cola and Crider Foods in addition to the many sponsors and supporters for hitting the links with us on August 10th, 2020 as we celebrate with and FORE the kids!