You may have heard a rumor that there’s a secret wizarding society taking hold on the grounds of Camp Korey…  and it’s true. Over the last few months, shops have been sprouting up, we’ve seen the odd broom and cauldron here and there, and of course several wizards that are making the magic happen.

This spring, a talented team of wizards from Tiger Pearson, including their President Scott Isenhart, came out to Camp Korey and volunteered a total of 56 hours to bring the Wizard Alley project up to code for its new home in Skagit County. This project was originally dreamed up by the Chambers Family and was donated to Camp Korey in 2018.

The team members from Tiger Pearson, all adept with different disciplines and a lot of hands-on experience, helped move the project forward considerably within their short time at camp. From installing faux beams, wattle and daub and updating casing, braces, facia, and flashing – Wizard’s Alley is almost complete.

When asked about the experience Bill Perry commented, “We loved the opportunity to collaborate and wanted to help create a place of respite where the kids at Camp Korey can be nurtured. As our two companies merged recently it was a great team building experience and it helped build channels for friendship and camaraderie.”

When complete these buildings will help create magical experiences for children with serious or life-altering medical conditions and their families.