What’s up at Camp Korey!

From the desk of Matt, Camp Korey Program Manager.
It has been 84 days since the last day of summer camp and boy we’ve been busy. This fall, Camp Korey will welcome over 40 families over 3 Family Weekend Camps. All have been a blast, starting with a ‘Mario’ themed weekend, followed by a ‘Spooky Halloween’ weekend and closing out the season we will be throwing a ‘Super World Cup Sports Weekend’ where we hope families and volunteers will all come to camp ‘sporting’ the colors of their favorite teams!
Camp Korey welcomed Camp Erin to camp for two weekends of joy and growth in addition to a Camper Reunion and our annual Fall Festival event. Missed the reunion, that’s ok, we will be hosting three more camper reunions next year in the winter, spring and fall.
Around the office we’ve been preparing for a chilly Carnation winter, pulling out the spare office blankets and keeping the break room coffee pot hot, while planning for an exciting Camp Korey summer in 2016. Our summer staff applications will be posted this coming December and summer camper applications first thing January 2016. Keep checking our site for even more updates about summer 2016.

Question of the Month

What have you been up to? Tell us something you’ve tried ‘For the Very First Time’ since you were at camp?
Answer in the comments or on any of our social media websites #CampKoreyQs and we’ll include them in our next blog post.
That is all for this blog! If it gets too cold this winter, remember, you can always warm fuzzy yourself!
Matt Burrows, Program Manager