Volunteers: The Rixons

Q&A with our amazing volunteers!

Meet Shelly and Craig Rixon from North Bend. They started volunteering with Camp Korey just about a year ago, and have since filled a variety of essential roles during our Family Camp Weekends. From helping facilitate our amazing camp programs at the rock wall, with arts and crafts and themed activities, to helping dish out delicious meals during our parent dinners.
Do you have any stand out memories or quotes from your volunteer experience?
Last month while working at the climbing wall we saw a small girl, who utilizes a wheelchair,  climb to the top of the wall – she was absolutely amazing and everyone was cheering her on. It gives us great joy and a deep sense of satisfaction to see these kids experience and achieve things they never thought was possible. We also have truly enjoyed blessing the moms and dads of these kids with a parent’s dinner that gives them a chance to be pampered, enjoy grown-up company and eat some fabulous food in a beautiful, relaxed setting.
What is your favorite Camp Korey activity?
That is so hard to choose because they are all great. The parent dinner is probably our favorite because it gives us a chance to serve the parents, for whom we have the greatest admiration and respect.
What is your favorite camp food?
Wow – it is all soooo good. I think at our first camp meal, the kitchen served yucca plant and it was delicious!!
What are your hobbies/passions outside of volunteering with us?
Over the last couple years we have enjoyed doing disaster relief work around the US and we spend our summers volunteering at an outdoor summer camp for kids in British Columbia. We enjoy almost anything outdoors like hiking, climbing, snowshoeing and canoeing and traveling anywhere in our VW pop-top van.
If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
We love taking road trips in our VW pop-top van and especially like southern Utah national parks – a great place to escape the NW rain and warm up.
What makes you laugh?
Listening to our three-year-old grandson talk.
Favorite movie:
Favorite movie has to be “You’ve Got Mail” and its precursor “The Shop Around the Corner” with Jimmy Stewart from 1940. We also love “Roman Holiday” starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.
Song you are most likely to belt out at karaoke:
Life is Better With You by Michael Franti
What did you want to grow up to be when you were a kid?
Craig thought for sure that he was going to play professional basketball or baseball and Shelley started out wanting to be a teacher, then a dentist, then a doctor…