Camp At-Home Volunteers

Camp Korey is committed to inclusion and that includes creating opportunities for you to help make a difference in your community wherever you are! Camp Korey is offering volunteers Camp At-Home projects, created to provide opportunities for volunteers of all ages to make a difference and help! Gather your scout troops, your students, your friends, your family, your colleagues and together create camp magic for our campers from the safety and convenience of your home or office.

We welcome campers onsite from June – August, but our mission is year-round with a variety of necessary volunteer projects to keep Camp Korey up and running! We need volunteers of all skill sets from administrative to facilities projects.

To learn more about how you can volunteer at an event, at-home or onsite at camp, please call (360) 416-4116 or email us at

Year-Round Camp At-Home Volunteer Projects

Volunteers will join us from your home to help with various general administration duties or projects such as: camper gifts, camper-centered projects, programs development, mailings, creative design, filing and more. Depending on the needs of our projects, volunteers may volunteer for one or multiple days. Please contact the volunteer team with any inquiries.

Check out our list of year-round volunteer at-home projects!

Did you know that now you volunteer from your home to give back to your community, create a special moment with your family, engage with your teams, or share as service project? We need your creative skills to help create the magical atmosphere of Camp Korey going for on- and off-site programs.

Interested in donating one of the below projects? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator!

Note: Please make sure your hands are washed and wear gloves if you have them while handling materials for campers, as well as sanitizing the objects where appropriate, and even putting them in individual plastic bags. Thank you for taking steps to ensure our campers’ wellbeing!

If you have a special talent or skill that you want to share with our campers and families? Pitch them to our Volunteer Coordinator – we’d love to learn more!

List of Current At-Home Projects

Warm Fuzzies for Campers

Warm Fuzzies, which each camper takes home at the end of camp, are sewn to a pre-made pattern. This ensures all fuzzies are consistent in size and shape. The children we serve often have severe allergies and sensitivities, which limits our use of supplies to only new fabric that is machine washable. Visit our Warm Fuzzy Project page for the pattern and more details!


Colorful and fun pillowcases, all provided by volunteers, create a homey atmosphere for campers when they arrive at camp – as well as a reminder of camp memories when they take their pillowcases home! Pick out some fun (and appropriate) fabric that you like! Many people use one fabric for the main part of the pillowcase and another for the trim at the end. Check out an easy how-to video here.

Camper Quilts

Please feel free to be creative! We need patchwork quilts to decorate every twin-sized bed in our cabins. The size of the quilt should be 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. Please make sure these quilts are machine washable and are not too heavy or warm.

Warm Fuzzy Notes

“Warm Fuzzy Notes” are Camp Korey’s way of sending positive, uplifting messages to every camper, volunteer, and staff member throughout the year. (Learn a little more about the importance of Warm Fuzzies here.)

We are looking for volunteers to help create “pre-made” warm fuzzies. This would mean cutting paper into nice sizes for writing notes (the shapes can be creative and different!). Some can be plain, while others could be decorated with fun stickers or drawings. These are great to have on hand to provide campers as staff and volunteers are always busy during a week of summer camp.

Create Word Search Booklets

Create your own original themed word search booklets! Create your own word searches and/or find pre-made puzzles online to print and put together.

Create Coloring Books

Find coloring book pictures online (any picture that is an outline can become a coloring page to be filled in!) and add a fun cover page!

Rock Painting

Find some small rocks and paint them for us to distribute throughout camp – this makes walking around the property more fun and exciting!

Friendship Bracelets

Create friendship bracelets we can give to campers – both at camp, through the mail, or at hospitals! You can click here for tutorials on some of the main types of friendship bracelets or make your favorite style.

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