Warm Fuzzy Volunteers Needed!

Warm Fuzzies are a Camp Korey tradition. At the beginning of each residential summer camp session, campers decorate ‘Warm Fuzzy Bags’ that hang in the dining hall all week long. Throughout the week, campers and counselors write Warm Fuzzy notes of positivity and appreciation to one another that they then get to take home at the end of the week. Our campers frequently save these Warm Fuzzies for years. As one camper said: “I have all my Warm Fuzzies in a drawer. When you are having a really difficult day, you can pull one out and it’s just made one hundred times better.”

The Warm Fuzzy Project was created to continue this sense of community and support for our campers in a more tangible way. Each camper will receive a warm fuzzy creature to take home with them after they complete a week of residential summer camp. These Warm Fuzzies will serve as a reminder of the support and friendships made at camp whenever they need a boost in spirits.

If you enjoy sewing and would like to make the experience of Camp Korey even more magical, please consider creating Warm Fuzzies for our extraordinary campers.

Warm Fuzzies for the campers (ages 7-17)

  • Warm Fuzzies are sewn to a pre-made pattern. This ensures that all fuzzies are consistent in shape and size.
  • The children we serve often have severe allergies and sensitivities which limits our use of supplies to only utilize new fabric that is machine washable.

The Warm Fuzzy Project will provide each camper with a Warm Fuzzy creature to take home after they complete a week of summer camp. The “Warm Fuzzies” will be reminder of the fun and friendships made at camp while serving as a comfort when our campers need it most. If you would like to create Warm Fuzzies for our amazing campers, please let us know! Camp Korey will provide the fabric and pattern. We are also accepting donations of new, machine washable, and colorful furry fabric, thread, large googly eyes, stuffing, and basic sewing kits!

Directions for making Warm Fuzzies HERE!

CLICK HERE FOR Warm Fuzzy Pattern

Do you love to sew? We are also looking for volunteers to create quilts for campers!

Quilts for the beds (ages 7-17)

  • The size of the quilt should be 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.
  • Please feel free to be creative! We need patchwork quilts to decorate every twin-sized bed in our cabins.
  • Please make sure these quilts are machine washable and are not too heavy or warm.

For further information and patterns, please email our Volunteer Manager at volunteer@campkorey.org.